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Kim, Seong
Our group has expertise in surface and interfacial science and engineering. We study adhesion, friction, wear, and fracture of materials and how interfacial chemistry plays role in these processes. We carry out state-of-the-art spectroscopic characterization of buried interfaces where chemical reactions or mechanical shears take place. Another area of research is characterization of lignocellulose biomass and other crystalline natural biopolymers.


AFM and SFG studies of pHEMA-based hydrogel contact lens surfaces in saline solution: adhesion, friction, and the presence of non-crosslinked polymer chains at the surface  Biomaterials 23 (7), 1657-1666, 2002
Effects of adsorbed water layer structure on adhesion force of silicon oxide nanoasperity contact in humid ambient  The Journal of chemical physics 124 (17), 174712, 2006
Evolution of the adsorbed water layer structure on silicon oxide at room temperature  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (35), 16760-16763, 2005
Nanotribology and MEMS  Nano today 2 (5), 22-29, 2007
Preparation of biocatalytic nanofibres with high activity and stability via enzyme aggregate coating on polymer nanofibres  Nanotechnology 16 (7), S382, 2005
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