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Lesieutre, George

Adaptive piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit for wireless remote power supply  IEEE Transactions on power electronics 17 (5), 669-676, 2002
An actively tuned solid-state vibration absorber using capacitive shunting of piezoelectric stiffness  Journal of sound and vibration 232 (3), 601-617, 2000
Damping as a result of piezoelectric energy harvesting  Journal of Sound and Vibration 269 (3), 991-1001, 2004
Optimized piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit using step-down converter in discontinuous conduction mode  IEEE Transactions on power Electronics 18 (2), 696-703, 2003
Vibration damping and control using shunted piezoelectric materials  The Shock and Vibration Digest 30 (3), 187-195, 1998
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