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Morgan, Eugene
My research focuses on developing algorithmic tools to improve seismic reservoir characterization, especially in regards to quantifying uncertainty in estimates of reservoir properties. I am particularly interested in the use of attenuation models in such tools and, more generally, attenuation as a seismic attribute. These methods work well for natural gas reservoirs because they have a strong seismic attenuation signature. I would like to continue to apply my work to natural gas deposits, particularly unconventional reservoirs.


Estimation of free gas saturation from seismic reflection surveys by the genetic algorithm inversion of a P-wave attenuation model  Geophysics 77 (4), R175-R187, 2012
Finneidfjord: A field laboratory for integrated submarine slope stability assessments and characterization of landslide-prone sediments: A Review  Offshore Technology Conference, 2013
Multiscale site-response mapping: A case study of Parkfield, California  Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 101 (3), 1081-1100, 2011
Probability distributions for offshore wind speeds  Energy Conversion and Management 52 (1), 15-26, 2011
Shallow landslides and their dynamics in coastal and deepwater environments, Norway  Submarine mass movements and their consequences, 29-41, 2012
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