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Research Centers
3S Laboratory
Africa Array
Agriculture and Shale Law
Appalachian Basin Black Shale Group
Battery and Energy Storage Technology Center
Ben Franklin
Center for Acoustics and Vibration
Center for Advanced Power Generation
Center for Climate Risk Management
Center for Combustion Power and Propulsion
Center for Computational Materials Design
Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads
Center for Environmental geoChemistry and Genomics
Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids, and Geohazards
Center for Innovative Materials Processing
Center for Nutrient Solutions
Center for Supply Chain Research
CyberScience Institute
Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Earth System Science Center
EMS Energy Institute
Geographic Information Systems
Geovista Center
Hydrogen Energy Center
Initiative for Sustainable Electric Power
Intelligent Agents Laboratory
Kappe Environmental Engineering Laboratories
Machine Learning and Applications
Marcellus Shale and Natural Gas
Marine Science and Technology
Materials Computation Center
Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute
Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment (PSIEE)
Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
Pennsylvania Water Resources Center
Pike Group
Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization Center
Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory
Shale Training and Education
Sustainabililty Institute
Sustainability at Smeal
The Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics Group
Unconventional Natural Resources Consortium
Workforce Development