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Karpyn, Zuleima
Our research group studies multiphase flow and transport phenomena in porous media to improve the representation and prediction of hydrocarbon recovery processes, extraction and stimulation, carbon sequestration, and the natural flow of ground water. We use X-ray computed microtomography to characterize structural properties of porous media, rock fractures, mineralogy, and to monitor fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interactions in dynamic systems.


Development of a multi-mechanistic, dual-porosity, dual-permeability, numerical flow model for coalbed methane reservoirs  Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 8, 121-131, 2012
Numerical simulations examining the relationship between wall-roughness and fluid flow in rock fractures  International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 47 (5), 784-796, 2010
Pore‐scale analysis of trapped immiscible fluid structures and fluid interfacial areas in oil‐wet and water‐wet bead packs  Geofluids 11 (2), 209-227, 2011
Prediction of fluid occupancy in fractures using network modeling and x-ray microtomography. I: Data conditioning and model description  Physical Review E 76 (1), 016315, 2007
Visualization of fluid occupancy in a rough fracture using micro-tomography  Journal of colloid and interface science 307 (1), 181-187, 2007
Research Centers
Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids, and Geohazards
Center for Quantitative Imaging Lab
CO2 Capture,Use and Sequestration
Reservoir Engineering
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Climate Science and Ecosystem Change
Oil and Gas
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