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Marone, Chris
Research on the physics of earthquakes and faulting and the mechanics of frictional sliding. Laboratory experiments, analysis of field data, and numerical studies of faulting and dynamic rupture. Laboratory work is focused on frictional and rheologic properties of brittle materials. A key part of the laboratory work has been identifying and documenting the effects of dilatancy and shear localization on second order variations in friction. Significant effort to the scaling problems inherent in applying laboratory data to seismogenic faults. Connecting laboratory observations to field data and theoretical studies is a critical part of modern experimental studies.


Comparison of smectite-and illite-rich gouge frictional properties: application to the updip limit of the seismogenic zone along subduction megathrusts  Earth and Planetary Science Letters 215 (1), 219-235, 2003
Frictional behavior and constitutive modeling of simulated fault gouge  Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 95 (B5), 7007-7025, 1990
Laboratory-derived friction laws and their application to seismic faulting  Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 26 (1), 643-696, 1998
On the mechanics of earthquake afterslip  Journal of Geophysical Research 96 (B5), 8441-8452, 1991
The depth of seismic faulting and the upper transition from stable to unstable slip regimes  Geophysical Research Letters 15 (6), 621-624, 1988
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