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O'Connor, Jacqueline

The Reacting Flow Dynamics Laboratory focuses on issues of reacting flows for energy and propulsion applications. High-speed laser diagnostics and other state-of-the-art experimental techniques are used in research areas such as combustion, hydrodynamic instability and thermoacoustics. With a particular focus on engine combustion and flow fields, the goal of this lab's work is to understand fundamental issues that have been distilled from real-world technologies. Study of these "unit problems" helps to bridge the gap between real-world technological issues and university-level, fundamental research.


Density ratio effects on reacting bluff-body flow field characteristics  Journal of Fluid Mechanics 706, 219-250, 2012
Disturbance field characteristics of a transversely excited burner  Combustion Science and Technology 183 (5), 427-443, 2011
Post injections for soot reduction in diesel engines: A review of current understanding  SAE International Journal of Engines 6 (2013-01-0917), 400-421, 2013
Recirculation zone dynamics of a transversely excited swirl flow and flame  Physics of Fluids (1994-present) 24 (7), 075107, 2012
Transverse combustion instabilities: Acoustic, fluid mechanic, and flame processes  Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 49, 1-39, 2015
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