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Salis, Howard
Advancing the engineering science of synthetic biology!
The Salis research lab develops predictive design methods for engineering synthetic genetic systems. We quantify the rules by which organisms decode their DNA and execute complex functions, creating biophysical models of gene expression, regulation, and system function. We apply our models and algorithms to engineer cellular sensors, genetic circuits, and metabolic pathways inside organisms with important biotech applications. Our models also improve our understanding of natural biological functions.


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Accurate hybrid stochastic simulation of a system of coupled chemical or biochemical reactions  The Journal of chemical physics 122 (5), 054103, 2005
Automated design of synthetic ribosome binding sites to control protein expression  Nature biotechnology 27 (10), 946-950, 2009
The ribosome binding site calculator  Methods Enzymol 498, 19-42, 2011
Translation rate is controlled by coupled trade-offs between site accessibility, selective RNA unfolding and sliding at upstream standby sites  Nucleic acids research, gkt1139, 2013
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