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Schmitz, Sven

A coupled Navier–Stokes/Vortex–Panel solver for the numerical analysis of wind turbines  Computers & fluids 35 (7), 742-745, 2006
A parallelized coupled Navier-Stokes/vortex-panel solver  Journal of solar energy engineering 127 (4), 475-487, 2005
Characterization of three-dimensional effects for the rotating and parked NREL Phase VI wind turbine  Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 128 (4), 445-454, 2006
Guidelines for volume force distributions within actuator line modeling of wind turbines on large-eddy simulation-type grids  Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 136 (3), 031003, 2014
Scaled ice accretion experiments on a rotating wind turbine blade  Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 109, 55-67, 2012
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