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Shanbhag, Vinayak
 Research interests lie in the development of analytical tools and scalable computational schemes for optimization and equilibrium problems, with a focus on addressing uncertainty, nonsmoothness and nonconvexity. Much of this research finds application in the realm of power systems and markets, where he has examined a range of questions, including the examination of strategic interactions in multi-settlement markets under uncertainty, the location of electrical substations and dynamic competitive equilibrium models.


A complementarity framework for forward contracting under uncertainty  Operations Research 59 (4), 810-834, 2011
Dynamic competitive equilibria in electricity markets  Control and optimization methods for electric smart grids, 35-62, 2012
Nash equilibrium problems with scaled congestion costs and shared constraints  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 56 (7), 1702-1708, 2011
On stochastic gradient and subgradient methods with adaptive steplength sequences  Automatica 48 (1), 56-67, 2012
Synchronization of coupled oscillators is a game  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 57 (4), 920-935, 2012
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