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Song, Chunshan
Specialize in clean fuels and catalysis research including catalytic conversion and utilization of energy resources, including coal, petroleum, natural gas, biomass and carbon dioxide as a carbon source. His current research interests include catalysis in fuel processing for ultra-clean fuels and fuel cells; CO2 capture, conversion and utilization; reforming of hydrocarbon and alcohol fuels for syngas and H2 production; shape-selective catalysis for synthesis of organic chemicals; catalysis and reaction chemistry for energy conversion; and synthesis and applications of nano-porous catalytic and sorbent materials.


An overview of new approaches to deep desulfurization for ultra-clean gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel  Catalysis Today 86 (1), 211-263, 2003
Fuel processing for low-temperature and high-temperature fuel cells: Challenges, and opportunities for sustainable development in the 21st century  Catalysis Today 77 (1), 17-49, 2002
Global challenges and strategies for control, conversion and utilization of CO2 for sustainable development involving energy, catalysis, adsorption and chemical processing  Catalysis Today 115 (1), 2-32, 2006
New design approaches to ultra-clean diesel fuels by deep desulfurization and deep dearomatization  Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 41 (1), 207-238, 2003
Novel polyethylenimine-modified mesoporous molecular sieve of MCM-41 type as high-capacity adsorbent for CO2 capture  Energy & Fuels 16 (6), 1463-1469, 2002
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