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Wolfe, Douglas E
Dr. Douglas E. Wolfe is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (MATSE), Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM), and the Department Head of the Advanced Coatings Department at the Applied Research Lab (ARL), The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Douglas Wolfe has over 18 years of experience in the research, design and development of advanced material coating systems, metallic, ceramic, and composite material synthesis, processing, and characterization. He has over 80 peer reviewed publications, technical memorandums and reports, two patents, and one patent pending in in the areas of subsurface corrosion detection, neutron detection, and antimicrobial coatings, respectively. He developed a short course entitled, “Determination, Causes and Effects of Residual Stresses on Coating Microstructure and Properties.” In 2008, he received the Distinguished Publication Award from NASA Glenn Research Center.

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