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Center for Environmental geoChemistry and Genomics
Goals: • Promote research and teaching in the area of environmental geochemistry and genomics • Promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among the areas of chemistry, geochemistry, genomics, hydrology, meteorology, biology, agronomy, environmental engineering, and geology • Provide funding for interdisciplinary research in environmental chemistry, genomics, and geochemistry • Promote interaction among faculty, staff, and students • Provide support for environmental speakers and sabbatical visitors Educational Activities: • Promotes cross-disciplinary research for graduates and undergraduates • Provides funding for analytical, computer, or field work • Hosts the Annual Environmental Chemistry Research Student Symposium for student presentations •Sponsors educational activities of interest to the environmental geochemistry and genomic communities Services: • Provides advice on environmental geochemistry and genomic matters • Provides access to research facilities, analytical services, and expertise

Champion: Macalady, Jennifer

Institute for Natural Gas Research