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Water Processing
The development of Water Treatment to serve the needs of evaluating water quality and treatment related to processing of unconventional oil and gas.

Market Need:
Private scalable and affordable technologies that can be implemented on space constrained well sites.

Create and demonstrate water purification technology enabling efficient unconventional oil and gas recovery

Goals:Research, demonstration, education, collaboration (companies and agencies) on energy-related water treatment technologies

Champion: Kumar, Manish

Membrane Processes for Recycling Flowback / Produced Water
Reversing particle-bacteria fouling in membrane water desalination
Surface-Modified Microfiltration Membranes for Low Fouling Filtration
GOALI: EAGER: CBET EE: Separating Salts from Water by Applying Supercharged Pulsed Jet Combustor to Hydrofracturing Water (National Science Foundation)
Living Reverse Osmosis Membranes (National Science Foundation)
Redefining surface area: Understanding reactive interfaces in heterogeneous porous media (National Science Foundation)
A critical review of the risks to water resources from unconventional shale gas development and hydraulic fracturing in the United States  Environmental science & technology 48 (15), 8334-8348, 2014
Bioprocess membrane technology  Journal of Membrane Science 297 (1), 16-50, 2007
Effects of physical and geochemical heterogeneities on mineral transformation and biomass accumulation during biostimulation experiments at Rifle, Colorado  Journal of contaminant hydrology 112 (1-4), 45-63, 2010
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Kumar, Manish
Velegol, Darrell
Zydney, Andrew
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