Institute for Natural Gas Research (INGaR)                                               
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EMS Energy Institute
Solving challenges related to fossil fuels to exploring new technologies for alternative energy, we are involved in almost every aspect of energy research. We are committed to diversifying the nation’s energy sources, improving the efficiency by which we generate and use that energy, and expanding the use of our indigenous resources while relying less on non-domestic sources of energy.

Earth & Mineral Sciences
Ayala, Luis F
Briggs, Ronald J
Lvov, Serguei N
Mathews, Jonathan
Nieto, Antonio
Wang, Xiaoxing
Webster, Mort D
Aksoy, Parvana
Boehman, Andre L
Burgess-Clifford, Caroline E
Eser, Semih
Falcone-Miller, Sharon
Fedkin, Mark V
Fonseca, Dania A
Grader, Abraham S
Groves, William A
Haight, Joel M
Kitajima, Hiroko
Miller, Bruce G
Mitchell, Gareth D
Morrison, Joel L
Oyewole, Samuel A
Ryan, Timothy M
Scaroni, Alan W
Schobert, Harold H
Thompson, David B
Vander Wal, Randy
Wang, Dongxiang
Wincek, Ronald T
Elsworth, Derek
Kubicki, James D
Chung, T C
Sparrow, Victor W
Dobbs, Gregory M
Li, Li
Anstrom, Joel
Haworth, Daniel C
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Johnson, David H
Sofo, Jorge O
Unassigned College
Beck, Justin R
Frye, Evan J
Halleck, Phillip M
Huang, Chung-hsuan
Johnson, David K
Kirby, Stephen R
Kumar, Nitin
Maben, Bradley A
Miska, Keith A
Mrozik, Michael K
Sun, Chenxi
Wasco, Ronald S
Watson, Robert W
Yeboah, Yaw D
Zello, James V
Vice President for Research
Komarneni, Sridhar
Research Centers
EMS Energy Institute
Materials Characterization Lab