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Energy Storage
Penn State is leading the emerging research field of energy storage with the Battery and Energy Storage Technology.

Champion: Rahn, Christopher

Battery Energy Storage Systems Education and Training Initiative (BESS-ETI) (National Science Foundation)
CSR: Medium: Provisioning and Harnessing Energy Storage for Datacenter Demand Response (National Science Foundation)
Glass Capacitors for Energy Storage and Conversion (National Science Foundation)
Robust and Dynamic Prototyping of Strategies for Sustainable Network Congestion Management (National Science Foundation)
A stochastic optimal control approach for power management in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles  IEEE Transactions on control systems technology 19 (3), 545-555, 2011
Energy storage in datacenters: what, where, and how much?  ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 40 (1), 187-198, 2012
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charge pattern optimization for energy cost and battery longevity  Journal of power sources 196 (1), 541-549, 2011
Janik, Michael
Maranas, Janna
Earth & Mineral Sciences
Colby, Ralph H
Hickner, Michael
Runt, James
Spencer, David B
Anstrom, Joel
Bakis, Charles E
Yao, Tao
Cleary, Timothy P
Brennan, Sean
Fathy, Hosam
Ounaies, Zoubeida
Rahn, Christopher
Rao, Chinmay R
Van Duin, Adrianus
Wang, Chao-Yang
Wang, Donghai
Mueller, Karl
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Quay, Bryan
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Battery and Energy Storage Technology Center
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