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Zhu, Tieyuan
Tieyuan Zhu received his Ph.D. degree in Geophysics from Stanford University in 2014. Tieyuan is an exploration seismologist who seeks to solve challenging energy and environment problems using seismic waves. His interests include advancing understanding of physics of seismic wave propagation in real Earth media (particularly seismic attenuation), time-reversal, seismic inversion & imaging, time-lapse monitoring, and microseismic.


Approximating constant‐Q seismic propagation in the time domain  Geophysical Prospecting 61 (5), 931-940, 2013
Modeling acoustic wave propagation in heterogeneous attenuating media using decoupled fractional Laplacians  Geophysics 79 (3), T105-T116, 2014
Q-compensated reverse-time migration  Geophysics 79 (3), S77–S87, 2014
Theory and modelling of constant-Q P-and S-waves using fractional spatial derivatives  Geophysical Journal International 196 (3), 1787-1795, 2014
Time-reverse modelling of acoustic wave propagation in attenuating media  Geophysical Journal International 197 (1), 483-494, 2014
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