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Srinivasan, Sanjay

Rapid updating of stochastic models using sensor information
Statistical Methods to Evaluate Asset Productivity and Benefits of Well Restimulation
BIG DATA: Collaborative Research: IA: F: Fractured Subsurface Characterization Using High Performance Computing & Guided by Big Data (National Science Foundation)
Analysis of hydraulic fracture propagation in fractured reservoirs: an improved model for the interaction between induced and natural fractures  
Expanding solvent SAGD in heavy oil reservoirs  International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium, 2008
Experimental determination of permeability in the presence of hydrates and its effect on the dissociation characteristics of gas hydrates in porous media  Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 70 (1), 114-122, 2010
Geostatistical reservoir modeling accounting for precision and scale of seismic data  SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 1996
Improved reservoir management through ranking stochastic reservoir models  SPE/DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, 1996
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