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Emami-Meybodi, Hamid

Convective dissolution of CO 2 in saline aquifers: Progress in modeling and experiments  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 40, 238-266, 2015
Effect of Heterogeneity of Layered Reservoirs on Polymer Flooding: An Experimental Approach Using 5-Spot Glass Micromodel  Europec/EAGE Conference and Exhibition, 2008
Geomechanical considerations in hydraulic fracturing designs  SPE Canadian Unconventional Resources Conference, 2012
Stability Analysis of Two-phase Buoyancy-driven Flow in the Presence of a Capillary Transition Zone  Physical Review E 87 (3), 033009, 2013
Study of Microscopic and Macroscopic Displacement Behaviors of Polymer Solution in Water-wet and Oil-wet Media  Transport in porous media 89 (1), 97-120, 2011
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