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Armaou, Antonios
The research interests of Antonios Armaou lie in the general areas of process dynamics and control, computational modeling and applied mathematics, and process analysis and design. Specifically, Professor Armaou's group conducts research in the areas of nonlinear model reduction, control and optimization of transport-reaction processes.


Analysis and control of parabolic PDE systems with input constraints  Automatica 39 (4), 715-725, 2003
Dynamic optimization of dissipative PDE systems using nonlinear order reduction  Chemical Engineering Science 57 (24), 5083-5114, 2002
Global stabilization of the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation via distributed output feedback control  Systems & Control Letters 39 (4), 283-294, 2000
Microscopic/stochastic timesteppers and “coarse” control: a kMC example  AIChE Journal 49 (7), 1922-1926, 2003
Wave suppression by nonlinear finite-dimensional control  Chemical Engineering Science 55 (14), 2627-2640, 2000
Molecular Biology and Metabolic Engineering