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Camci, Cengiz

A new hue capturing technique for the quantitative interpretation of liquid crystal images used in convective heat transfer studies  Journal of Turbomachinery 114 (4), 765-775, 1992
Aerodynamic loss characteristics of a turbine blade with trailing edge coolant ejection: part 2—external aerodynamics, total pressure losses, and predictions  Journal of turbomachinery 123 (2), 249-257, 2001
Aerodynamic tip desensitization of an axial turbine rotor using tip platform extensions  ASME Turbo Expo 2001: Power for Land, Sea, and Air, V001T03A069-V001T03A069, 2001
Forced convection heat transfer enhancement using a self-oscillating impinging planar jet  Journal of Heat Transfer 124 (4), 770-782, 2002
Mainstream Aerodynamic Effects Due to Wheelspace Coolant Injection in a High-Pressure Turbine Stage: Part I—Aerodynamic Measurements in the Stationary Frame  ASME Turbo Expo 2001: Power for Land, Sea, and Air, V003T01A006-V003T01A006, 2001
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