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Chen, Long-Qing
Long-Qing Chen is Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a short-term visiting Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University under the short-term 1000-Scholar program, a guest Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University, and a guest Professor of Physics at the Beijing University of Science and Technology in China. He received his B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University in China in 1982.


A strain-driven morphotropic phase boundary in BiFeO3  science 326 (5955), 977-980, 2009
Applications of semi-implicit Fourier-spectral method to phase field equations  Computer Physics Communications 108 (2), 147-158, 1998
Enhancement of ferroelectricity in strained BaTiO3 thin films  Science 306 (5698), 1005-1009, 2004
Phase-field models for microstructure evolution  Annual review of materials research 32 (1), 113-140, 2002
Room-temperature ferroelectricity in strained SrTiO3  Nature 430 (7001), 758-761, 2004
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